• Charity of Choice

  • Each year, the Chamber selects a community project or not-for-profit organization in our community. The Chamber provides volunteer hours, financial resources, and regular promotion of the charity.

    Our 2019 Charity of Choice

    Miles of Smiles

    MISSION: To provide charitable, comprehensive dental care in a community-based setting for the needy children of Clay and Platte Counties in Missouri.

    The Miles of Smiles, Inc. Portable Dental Program began in 2002 to meet the oral health care needs of low income children in Clay and Platte Counties. Since then, we have treated more than 19,000 children for 63,000 chair visits. The dental program consists of two full time dentists who provide treatment on-site, in schools, and at other social service organizations. Miles of Smiles also employs a full time dentist who works in our fixed office location, to provide comprehensive dental care to Northland children. All services are free to Clay and Platte County children who meet the income guidelines. To find out if the dental program is scheduled to come to your school or organization, call (816) 413-9009.

    Dental Services provided on-site (using portable equipment) include:

    • Comprehensive Oral Exam
    • Bitewing & Periapical Radiographs
    • Prophylaxis & Fluoride Treatment
    • Sealants
    • Amalgam & Composite Restorations
    • Stainless Steel Crowns on Primary & Permanent Teeth
    • Vital Pulpotomy of Primary Teeth
    • Extraction of Primary Teeth

    Dental Services provided at the office are the same as above, but also include:

    • Panoramic Radiographs
    • Root Canal Therapy of Permanent Teeth
    • Lab Fabricated Crowns for Root-Canal Treated, Permanent Teeth
    • Space Maintainers
    • Uncomplicated / Non-Surgical Extractions of Permanent Teeth

    Miles of Smiles also partners to offer services for Synergy Services, an organization dedicated to helping runaway children and victims of domestic violence. Miles of Smiles is the dental provider at Synergy Youth Resiliency Campus, located at 2005 NE Parvin Road in Kansas City, Mo. Synergy offers programs ranging from counseling, primary care, and dental care to a green GED program. The campus also offers activities, including a gym, art and craft opportunities, a recording studio, and a computer lab. The facilities and services are designed to help connect with homeless children and provide a safe haven.

    We are a federally-recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, ID # 20-3664224.



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