• Charity of Choice

  • Each year, the Chamber selects a community project or not-for-profit organization in our community. The Chamber provides volunteer hours, financial resources, and regular promotion of the charity.

    Our 2018 Charity of Choice

    Parkville Women's Clinic

    Mission Statement

    Parkville Women's Clinic is a nonprofit ministry governed by a board of directors with the mission to empower and equip individuals to make healthy life choices. Our vision is to see a world where every child is valued, and mothers and fathers are equipped to build strong families that positively impact our community.

    Parkville Women's Clinic is dedicated to fostering a Christ-like view of human life and sexuality by offering hope and compassionate help, thus enabling positive, life-affirming choice by:

    • Saving the lives of unborn children
    • Providing physical, emotional and spiritual help for women and men with unplanned pregnancies
    • Offering support and healing to victims of past abortions
    • Preventing unplanned pregnancies through abstinence education
    • Providing education to the community on issues regarding the sanctity of Human Life

    SMART Steps

    Parkville Women's Clinic Wants Parents to Succeed!

    Our SMART Steps program gets you started on the path to building a healthy family. Classes are offered on a variety of topics and YOU get to choose the sessions that suit your needs. We personalize a plan just for you based on the skills you want to develop and all classes are free! Contact us today to sign up for one or more of our classes:

    A Journey Through John: ten lesson Bible study through the Gospel of John
    Bathing and Sleep: proper bathing techniques and how to establish healthy sleep habits
    Bonding with Your Unborn Baby: to promote an awareness that mom's actions and emotions affect unborn baby
    Car Seat Safety: proper installation and importance of car seats
    Caring for Yourself: prepare mom for the weeks after giving birth
    Discipline-Teaching Limits with Love: concepts of healthy discipline
    Eating for Two: nutrition for pregnancy
    Emergency First Aid-Accidents: prevention/responding to accidents
    Emergency First Aid-Illnesses: how to tell when child is ill and what to do
    Eye Contact Means Love: understand complexity of infant development and interaction
    Food For Growth-Feeding Your Baby: what and when to feed your baby
    Getting Enough Milk: potential breastfeeding complications
    Getting Ready for Baby: prepare for coming baby
    Goals and Benefits of Breastfeeding: benefits of breastfeeding
    Going it Alone: single parenting
    Growth Spurts and Essentials: how to recognize growth spurts and the tools moms need to be the most successful at breastfeeding
    Happiest Baby on the Block: helping baby sleep, soothe crying babies, colicky babies
    Housecleaning 101: tips on how to clean house more efficiently and effectively
    Infant Care: final stage of labor and preparing to bring baby home
    Infant Massage: demonstrate and practice infant massage, beneficial to bonding, brain development and emotional well-being
    Infant Temperament: to help promote bonding with infant
    Interventions and Labor: birthing interventions and early stage labor
    Introduction and Options: introduction to labor and delivery
    Learning Through Play: how to encourage talking, reading, singing and playing
    Looking at Adoption: explore adoption in a safe, non-pressured environment
    Money Talks Part One: ways to save for future, needs vs wants, cut back on spending
    Money Talks Part Two: credit reports and maintaining good credit
    Moving Through Labor: transition and second stage labor
    Parent-Child Relationship: understand how vital the parent's role is in child's emotional and cognitive development
    Parenting with Respect: parental role in meeting baby's needs
    Postpartum: From Pregnant to Parent: info to help prepare for the physical, emotional and relationship changes that can occur after baby is born
    Prenatal Care: an understanding of what happens during the first prenatal visit, various tests and medical rights
    Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: how molestation occurs and what steps to take to protect your children
    Quality Child Care: the importance of good child care
    Ready to Learn: importance of reading, writing and education
    Reducing the Risk of SIDS: information about SIDS and ways to reduce the risk
    Returning to Work: continuation of breastfeeding while returning to work
    Safe From the Start: teach safety hazards and how to make home safe
    Second Trimester: an overview of the second three months of pregnancy
    Self-Esteem: importance of self-esteem, satisfaction and value in yourself
    Shaken Baby Syndrome: damage of shaking a baby and stress coping skills
    Smoking and Your Developing Baby: dangers of smoking and secondhand smoke
    Techniques and a Good Latch: proper breastfeeding techniques
    The Basics of Newborn Care: basic newborn care
    The First Trimester: an overview of the first three months of pregnancy
    The First Years Last Forever: the importance of the first three years for a child's cognitive, social and emotional development
    The Importance of Bonding: understand importance of interaction
    Third Trimester: an overview of the last three months of pregnancy
    Time Effectiveness: tools and resources become more productive
    Toilet Training: tips on potty training
    Ultrasound-Window to the Womb: understand the ultrasound procedure
    Understanding Your Baby's Cry, Part I: understanding your baby's needs by the sound of their cry
    Understanding Your Baby's Cry, Part II: understanding your baby's needs by the sound of their cry
    What is the Bible?: five lesson Bible study about the Old Testament
    What to Expect: labor expectations and the labor coach
    What's Safe, What Isn't: guidelines on what products and activities pose a threat to unborn baby
    Your Baby Can Sleep: how to "teach" your baby to sleep at bedtime
    Your Baby's Development: physical, mental and emotional development
    Your Changing Body: understand changes happening to your body, reduce anxiety
    Your Developing Baby: the wonder, beauty and complexity of fetal development
    Your Healthy Baby: bottle vs breastfeeding, doctor visits, starting solid foods, activity and play
    Your Unborn Baby's Secret World: bonding with baby before birth

  • Located in Burlington Creek just off of I-29 at 64th Street.

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